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OKIOLABS Document camera for teachers

See what teachers have to say

"The portability is one of its best features.

You can truly teach from anywhere at any time which makes it such an amazing addition to any classroom. "

"We are looking to have maximum impact with minimum effort and that is something the OKIOCAM really helps us do in the best possible sense.

We are getting children who queue up just to take a picture or record their work using the OKIOCAM.”

"Great for storytelling.

This is a wonderful device, when combined with a projector, for reading children's books to a group and showing kids the words and pictures."

Okiocam s2 document camera used in the classroom

Empowering Teachers and Beyond

OKIOLABS is passionate about bringing effective technology to education.

With years of experience and a diverse range of document cameras and webcams, OKIOLABS is the go-to brand for teachers and professionals seeking excellent presentation tools. Our flagship product — the OKIOCAM, is used in classrooms around the world, providing teachers with the camera they need to engage and communicate with students in class.

OKIOCAM document cameras are designed with high-definition imaging and intuitive controls, making them a powerful tool for visual communication. In addition to our hardware products, OKIOLABS offers a range of software applications that empower users to capture, record, and share their creations and ideas with the world using their OKIOCAM for a more compelling and interactive learning experience.

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