Designed for educators and students

Making teaching easier and learning more fun!

Learn and play with Stop Motion and Time-Lapse!

Whether you create enlightening educational videos or amusing videos to share with friends, you’re sure to have lots of fun!


Use OKIOCAM to take your school’s 1:1 initiative to new heights! OKIOCAM integrates seamlessly with many Google for Education solutions—making OKIOCAM the perfect Chromebook companion!

New perspectives

You’re no longer restricted to only recording your face—with OKIOCAM, videos are free to take on a near-limitless number of new perspectives.

Increase student engagement

Using OKIOCAM to demonstrate solutions using a pen and paper, or how to solve calculations with math manipulatives are just some of the sure-fire ways to keep students engaged.

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About Us

OKIOLABS is creating new interactive teaching and learning tools for educators and students.

OKIOCAM and OKIOCAM software better enable teachers to deliver educational material in innovative and creative ways, improving students’ learning, participation, and engagement. We design our products to be easy to use and affordable.