How to Use a USB Webcam with iPad

With the release of the new iPadOS 17, you can now use external USB cameras with your iPad, opening up a myriad of possibilities for teaching, learning, and working with iPads. 

This new capability enables these users to truly “do all” with their iPad with newfound versatility, and are no longer limited to using the device’s built-in camera during an online meeting or when wanting to share their materials and notes with their audience.

In this article, we delve into how and why you might want to use external USB cameras with your iPad and offer recommendations for you to get started!

Check now to see if your iPad supports USB cameras!

Why You Might Want an External USB Camera for Your iPad

Ipad’s own camera offers great image quality, but using it to capture documents and other materials often poses several challenges:

  • Additional Stand Requirements: To achieve a stable and clear image, users frequently need to invest in additional stands or mounts to position the iPad properly. This can be cumbersome and adds extra cost.
  • Limited Access to the iPad: When using the iPad’s camera, the device itself becomes tied up, making it difficult to interact with other apps or features during the capture process.
  • Fixed Viewing Angles: The iPad’s built-in camera is limited by its fixed position, which can make it challenging to capture different angles or close-ups without constantly adjusting the entire device.

This is when an external USB document camera like OKIOCAM comes into play!

Cameras Recommended for iPad

Benefits of External USB Cameras #1: Versatile Viewing Angles

External USB cameras can be positioned independently of the iPad, particularly, OKIOCAM document cameras can stand on their own, providing the utmost flexibility in capturing all angles and perspectives. This setup is ideal for diverse scenarios, from classrooms and meetings to creative projects and remote work, allowing users to comfortably use the iPad for other tasks without holding it up as a camera.

Benefits of External USB Cameras #2: Real-Time Annotation

To maximize the benefits of using external USB cameras with iPads, we developed the OKIOCAM Live app. This app enables users to connect their OKIOCAM  cameras to their iPads, offering a suite of features designed to enhance your iPad’s versatility.

With OKIOCAM Live, you can easily showcase and annotate visuals in real-time. This feature is invaluable for highlighting key points, drawing diagrams, and adding notes directly on the screen, making content more engaging and easier to understand.

  • If you are currently looking for a USB camera to use with iPad, look no further than OKIOCAM!
  • If you already own a different camera, check if the brand has a visualizing app for iPads, or look for a third-party app on the App Store.

Benefits of External USB Cameras #3: Enhanced Portability

 External USB cameras, such as those from OKIOLABS, are designed for portability and easy setup.

This portability allows users to carry their equipment effortlessly, ensuring they are always prepared to deliver high-quality presentations, lessons, or creative projects, regardless of the location with just an iPad and camera in hand. No need to bring your laptop everywhere!

Practical Applications

  1. Annotating Textbooks

   Many students are unable to write freely in their textbooks, which are often rented. They can use OKIOCAM to take snapshots of their textbooks and make as many notes as they want with the annotation feature, allowing them to take notes and highlight important information without writing directly in their books.

  1. Stream and Showcase Science Experiments

   Teachers can stream lab experiments with their iPad and project them to a large screen to document and show them to the entire class.

  1. Art and Design Projects

   Artists and designers can easily showcase their finished work or demo techniques, using the external camera to focus on specific details and annotate directly on screen to illustrate finer points. 

  1. Business Use

   In live presentations or meetings, connecting an external camera to the iPad can make it easier to display documents, charts, and other materials. Users can then make annotations in OKIOCAM Live to explain and highlight important points.

Getting Started

Connecting your OKIOCAM camera to your iPad is simple. Use the included Type-C adapter available with certain OKIOCAM models to connect the camera, and start using OKIOCAM Live to enhance your presentations. 


The addition of external USB camera support in iPadOS 17 opens up new possibilities for iPad users. By leveraging these capabilities, along with the OKIOCAM Live app, you can significantly enhance your tasks, making them more interactive and impactful.

Whether for education, professional work, or creative projects, external USB cameras can transform the way you use your iPad.