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The W1 document camera is capable of 4192 x 3104p (4:3) and 3840 x 2160p (16:9) 4K resolutions. The high resolution camera is ideal for presenting detailed still images on a large monitor or projector.

The W1 is equipped with 4 levels of Lossless Sensor Zoom (LSZ) and is capable of 6x Digital Zoom with our software.

Taller, Wider, Better

Easily capture ledger and A3 size worksheets, open books, and larger objects under the W1 document camera.

Taller than most other doc cams (Height =15 in.), the W1 enables you to capture a maximum area of 19 x 13.7 in.

Built for Durability

Constructed using high-quality components, and featuring an aluminum-alloy stand and metal weighted base, the W1 is more than up for the challenge of daily classroom use.

The W1’s hinges have been tested and proven to be capable of over 10,000 rotations.

World's First Ever AI-tracking Software

Every W1 document camera comes with an OKIOPoint virtual pointer, which works in conjunction with our OKIOCAM Live software. OKIOPoint serves as a “locater” for the software to identify where you are pointing at, so that it can smartly zoom & follow with precision.

OKIOCAM Live offers exciting features like:

  • 5 Presentation Modes (with OKIOPoint)
  • Annotate
  • PiP (Picture-in-picture)


Realize the Full Potential of My OKIOCAM

OKIOCAM W1 Tech Specs


13MP Sony Sensor

Supported Features

  • Maximum 4192 x 3104 (4:3) / 3840 x 2160 (16:9) 4K Resolutions
  • Up to 1080p/30fps, 1944p/15fps, 2160p & above/8fps.
  • Max. recording area of 19 x 13.7 in. (480 x 348 mm)
  • Height 15 in. (39.5 cm)
  • Built-in 12-bulb LED ring light
  • Dual stereo microphones
  • 6.0x Digital Zoom
  • Minimum 3.9 in. (10cm) macro distance

Dimensions Folded

  • 11.9 x 3.1 x 1.9 in.
  • 303 x 78 x 48

Cable Length

  • 6 ft. (180 cm)

Base Size

  • 2.75 x 5.5 in.
  • 70 x 140 mm


  • USB-A/USB-C Adaptor


  • 28.5 oz. (807g)


  • Metal-weighted base
  • Aluminium alloy stand
  • Glass-fiber reinforced joints
  • Detachable Camera Head
  • Made in Taiwan

System Compatibility

  • Windows 7 or later
  • macOS X 10.12 or later
  • Chrome OS
  • Chrome Browser version 65 or later

Which OKIOCAM is Right for You?



13MP 4K Document Camera (2022)

MSRP $199

Featured Product


4K Document Camera & Webcam (2022)

MSRP $119


3MP Document Camera & Webcam (2022)

MSRP $89

Effective Camera Resolution

13 MP

12 MP

3 MP

Max. Resolution (pixels)

4192 x 3104 / 3840 x 2160

3840 x 3104 / 3840 x 2160

1920 x 1440

Capture Size

Letter (A4), Ledger (A3)

Letter (A4)

Letter (A4)

LED Light


Lossless Sensor Zoom (LSZ)

Max. Recording Area

18.9 x 13.7 in.

13.6 x 11 in.

15.2 x 11.2 in.


28.5 oz (807g)

14.7 oz (416g)

14.7 oz (416g)


W1 Resources

Software Downloads

OKIOCAM W1 Firmware Update Tool

OKIOCAM Snapshot and Recorder

OKIOLABS Camera Control

OKIOLABS Mirror Image Corrector