10 Nov 2022

3 Classroom Uses for the S2 Pro

The OKIOCAM S2 Pro is designed to create meaningful classroom moments that elevate student engagement and the overall learning experience. The S2 Pro boasts a sleek and compact design and possesses a built-in LED light and microphone which makes it the perfect camera for whatever need you to have!

Included Features:

  • 4K Ultra HD Camera
  • Built-in LED Light and Microphone
  • Stable Metal-weighted Base
s2 pro projector
The built-in LED light ensures that your content can be seen clearly even in darker environments.
  • Projecting Content

The crystal clear visuals allow you to project your content so that all students are able to easily see you demo art techniques or solve math problems. The OKIOCAM S2 Pro is a plug-and-play camera that works straight out of the box and pairs perfectly with MacBooks, Chromebooks, and windows. Once connected to your computer, you can connect OKIOCAM to interactive whiteboards and TVs easily so that you never have to worry about students being able to see your work.

s2p and kids
Students using the S2 Pro to record school assignments.
  • Creating Videos with Students

The S2 Pro pairs perfectly with our downloadable software: OKIOCAM Stop Motion, OKIOCAM Time Lapse, and OKIOCAM Snapshot and Recorder. Your students can become filmmakers in no time by utilizing their imagination and creativity with these accessible and fun apps.

The S2 Pro comes with a suede-lined tech pouch to protect it wherever you go!
  • Elevates Your Professional Development Videos

Because of the 270° rotating camera head, you are able to switch between webcam mode and doc cam mode easily and effectively. This allows you to create engaging professional development videos for other teachers or students where you can capture yourself and your content all in one video with ease and efficiency.

The S2 is the lite version of the S2 Pro that is offered at a lower price but maintains similar features! For a more thorough understanding of the differences, click the button below!