14 Sep 2022

3 Ways to Use OKIOCAM For the Classroom

The OKIOCAM is the perfect tool to add to your EdTech arsenal. With plug-and-play capabilities, excellent resolution, and a flexible design, the OKIOCAM is a one-of-a-kind document camera that helps keep your students engaged in the learning process! Below, are 3 unique ways you can use the OKIOCAM in your in-person classroom to boost creativity and harness the power of learning.

Boost Creativity With Stop Motion

Pair the OKIOCAM with our free downloadable software, OKIOCAM Stop Motion, and your students become filmmakers in no time! Stop motion filmmaking  is a great project for any classroom! Whether you are recording a plant growing as a science experiment or molding clay in art class, the OKIOCAM allows your students to create and be hands-on in the learning process!

Record Videos!

Whether you are recording professional development videos or lectures to post online for your remote learners, the OKIOCAM is there for you! With a 270° rotating camera head and flexible body build, you are able to easily switch between front-facing recording and document view!

Teach Young Learners How to Read

With the ability to connect OKIOCAM to a projector or smart tv via computer, the OKIOCAM is the best tool to assist in teaching your young learners how to read! The impeccable resolution allows your students to follow along with you as you go through the book with ease!

The OKIOCAM is such a versatile tool! Let us know how you use the OKIOCAM in your instruction on our social media! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram where we are always posting content and giving away prizes.