OKIOCAM | DESIGN STORY: The design process of the OKIOCAM began as one of OKIOLAB’s core missions, to foster the “spirit of innovation” that resides within the users of our products. We hope that by making OKIOCAM versatile and easy to use, this will help bring out their creative inclinations by freeing the users to experiment with the variable ways to bring their visions to life. We strive to achieve this by embracing a simple yet sophisticated design language that encompasses various basic geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares. Our goal is to make a USB camera that would stand apart from the machine-like utilitarian look of most of the USB cameras that are currently in the market. We want something that would be totally unique and unequaled amongst its peers. Sometimes, a piece of technology can be somewhat intimidating if it looks too complicated. We want OKIOCAM to elicit a feeling of approachability, a simple honest design that is aesthetically appealing to both children and adults.

DESIGNERS | 03: 03 is an award-winning, multicultural Strategic Product Design Hub crafting Industrial Products and Services. Having its roots in Taiwan and Greece, supported by an international network of professionals, 03 approaches projects on Product Strategy, New Product Development and Production levels. From Conception to Creation (www.03.design).

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