Step 1

Gently move the arm from side to side to free it from the base.

Note: To avoid damaging the base, do not forcefully pull upward on the arm.

Step 2

Connect the arm into the USE socket on the base.

Step 3

Extend the arm, positioning the camera facing downward.

Step 4

Insert the cable into the clips on the arm.

Step 5

Unfold the magnetic base.

Step 6

Connect your OKIOCAM to your computer using the attached USB cable.

Step 7

Download, install, and launch OKIOCAM
Snapshot and Recorder. You’re good to go!

How to use OKIOCAM T’s arm extender

Step 1

Detach the arm from the bottom socket of the arm extender.

Step 2

Connect the arm to the arm extender’s top socket.

One Click. The Perfect Shot

The gray button adjusts the camera’s focus, exposure, and white balance automatically. You can configure the other buttons’ functions in OKIOCAM apps.