14 May 2021

Justin Bua-inspired, Two-Handed Art Lesson by Ms. Andrews

Art teacher Ms. Kathryn Andrews records a lesson for her students using her OKIOCAM. Inspired by the work of American artist Justin Bua, Ms. Andrews shows how her students can utilize a two-handed drawing technique to great effect.

  • Understand the techniques used by Justin Bua in this art class demonstration.
  • See for yourself how using an OKIOCAM during an online lesson can be as effective as in-classroom tuition.
  • Demonstrate the techniques, either in real-time or pre-recorded videos, to enable students to fully comprehend the topics being taught and visualize the steps or processes.

Ms. Kathryn Andrews is currently teaching Art and Music at Saint Ambrose Catholic School in Cheverly, Maryland.

Justin Bua is an award winning urban artist based in the United States. Check out his official website at https://justinbua.com/