Can I purchase the M100 by itself?

The M100 is being sold with the OKIOCAM T, and it is currently not possible to purchase separately.

Is the M100 compatible with my device?

The M100 is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Chromebook, but it does not support devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Is the M100 a noise-canceling microphone?

While the M100 needs to be positioned correctly to get the best audio quality, it does not actively cancel the noise in the background. Therefore, we suggest that you use the M100 in a quiet place and speak into the microphone directly.

Do I need to install a driver to use the M100?

The M100 is a completely plug-and-play microphone, meaning you don’t need to install any external drivers to use it.

How do I position the M100 to get the best audio quality?

The M100 is a cardioid microphone, which means you will get the best audio quality when speaking directly into the front of the microphone which has the volume control knob.

Can I plug my headphones into the M100?

No. There is not a headphone jack on the M100. To use the M100 with headphones, you will need to connect both of them to the same desktop or laptop.

Does the M100 work with a USB-A to USB-C adapter?

Yes. The M100 comes with a USB-A cable. If your device uses USB-C ports, you can still use the M100. A USB-A to USB-C adapter is not included in the purchase of the M100 so you must purchase a USB-A to USB-C adapter separately.

Does the M100 have a mute button?

No, the M100 is not equipped with a mute button, but there is a volume control knob that allows you to adjust and mute the gain.

Does the M100 support USB 2.0 or 3.0?

The M100 supports both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.

Can I detach the M100 from the tripod mount and/or tripod?

Yes. The M100 is equipped with a tripod and ¼ “ standard tripod thread, both of which are detachable.

I have connected the M100 to my device, what do I do now?

The M100 is completely plug-and-play. To identify whether it is recognized by your device, you can launch an application or program that requires microphone access and check whether the M100 is on the list of available audio devices.