18 Dec 2023

5 Creative Ways to Use a Document Camera in the Classroom

Creative Ways to Use a Document Camera in the Classroom

A high-quality document camera stands out as one of the most valuable investments for teachers or schools due to its remarkable versatility and simplicity. It has evolved beyond the mere display and scanning of documents, transforming into a device with endless capabilities for teaching. Newer doc cam models can capture live images and work processes and offer close-up views of three-dimensional objects to the entire class. Some cameras like OKIOCAM, even offer modern presentation software to add to the learning experience. Moreover, having a document camera can help teachers save hundreds of paper resources every month (no more need to make copies for the whole class!) and save valuable time preparing such materials for every lesson.

In this article, we put together 5 creative ways to use a document camera in the classroom so you can maximize the potential of your doc cam!

1. Storybook Adventures

Turn storytime into an immersive experience. Display storybooks or student-written stories, allowing every word and illustration to be seen clearly by the whole class. With OKIOLABS’ own live presentation software and OKIOPoint, you can explore various features that enhance the classroom reading experience, such as the smart zoom and follow and personal avatar features.

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2. Live Demo and Problem Solving

Some students are amazing visual learners, and it may not be enough for them to simply hear you explaining how to do something, they need to see how it’s done. With a document camera, you can showcase step-by-step solutions, making complex math equations more accessible to students; you can capture each brushstroke and color mix, providing students with a detailed view of artistic processes; and you can zoom in on science experiments and dissections so that students can observe the finer details.

3. Showcasing 3-dimensional Objects to the Entire Class At Once

Explore geography or biology with 3D models and large maps. Use the document camera to exhibit details on the interactive whiteboard or through a projector for the whole class to see.

4. Student-Led Show and Tell

Encourage students to share their insights and projects while displaying their work using the doc cam. Other students will be able to see clearly what the student is talking about rather than solely relying on listening.

5. Hold Peer Editing Sessions

Facilitate peer editing by projecting students’ work. Encourage constructive feedback and collaborative editing in a clear and visible manner.

kids using a document camera

By incorporating these creative uses of document cameras, teachers can make lessons more engaging, interactive, and visually stimulating for students. The versatility of document cameras extends beyond traditional uses, providing dynamic opportunities for effective teaching.

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