18 Jul 2022

OKIOCAM and Learning English as a Second Language

ESL teachers are tasked with the difficult feat of helping students with varying English abilities learn together! It’s very common for many ESL classrooms to have some students who are just starting to learn English. One of the best ways to tackle this situation is to help students learn through doing. Let’s explore 3 ways that our OKIOCAM T and compatible software are the perfect tools to assist you in creating a more effective learning experience for all ESL students!

Analyze Texts

No matter the level of ability that your students have, they can all benefit from using the OKIOCAM T to display text that is large enough for all the class to see! Whether it is a short story, textbook analysis, poem, or song, you can use the OKIOCAM T to assist your students in grasping the content more fully. In more advanced classes, you are able to first have a group discussion by highlighting difficult words or phrases and then allowing the students to break into smaller groups to better understand the passage.

Record Greetings

To gain more fluency within your students, being able to listen and synthesize the information is paramount. The OKIOCAM T’s versatile design allows you to simply flip the camera to record videos where you talk about the content for that day. The possibilities are endless in this mode, you are able to record your spelling words for the day, conduct short listening activities, or simply greet your students for the day! Our free downloadable software, OKIOCAM Snapshot and Recorder, allows you to record these videos ahead of class time so you are never wasting a precious moment in the classroom!

Time-Lapse Speaking Projects

The OKIOCAM T comes with the ability to use our easy-to-use software, OKIOCAM Time Lapse. One of the most important tools in language acquisition is the ability to speak with clarity and confidence! With our OKIOCAM Time Lapse software, you can task your students with recording a video and overlaying their own audio onto the video. A great example of one of these projects would be a family introduction! Each student would draw their family while filming a time-lapse video; After they finish drawing, the students would record audio describing each of their family members and place it over the video! This helps to improve confidence in their speaking abilities, fluency improvement, and allows the teacher to correct intonation and tone!

No matter the ability of your ESL students, the OKIOCAM T is the perfect tool to help your students further grasp the English language, and assists you in delivering content in engaging and innovative ways! Be sure to follow us on social media and let us know how you use OKIOCAM in your classroom by using #MyOKIO.