15 Jun 2021

New! OKIOCAM Time-Lapse Update

We’ve done it again! In line with updating and improving our software and user experience, and just when our development team thought they could take a breather, we’ve kept them busy with a new desktop version of our Time-Lapse app for Windows and Mac.

You will all be familiar with the Google Chrome extension version of Time-Lapse, and due to customer feedback requesting a new desktop version, we are pleased to announce it is now ready.

We understand that not everyone uses Google Chrome, and that there are a number of other alternatives on the market. Therefore, we do not wish to restrict our users’ choice of preferred web browser.

The OKIOCAM Time-Lapse feature is now available as
a desktop app as well as the Google Chrome extension.

The desktop version of Time-Lapse works in the same way as the Chrome extension and includes all of the great features, such as mirror, rotate, reset, and zoom.

For our users who would still like to use the Google Chrome extension version of Time-Lapse, you will still be able to continue to do so without any problems.

Download the Time-Lapse desktop app for Windows and Mac here.

If you have any further questions or would like to request a feature for future release, then please contact our support team here.

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