OKIOCAM Snapshot and Recorder

Take snapshots and videos with your OKIOCAM. Snapshot and Recorder makes it easy to digitize documents such as textbooks and worksheets and record video lessons in high definition. Designed for educators, Snapshot and Recorder improves your workflow and saves you time. Adjust the orientation of the camera, the level of zoom, exposure, and more!

OKIOCAM Stop Motion

Kids and adults alike have endless fun making stop motion videos! Create videos with toys, objects from around the house or classroom, or handmade props made from scratch. Your projects can be simple or you can dedicate an entire afternoon to making something mega impressive! Whatever you decide to make with Stop Motion, everyone’s guaranteed to have lots of fun.

OKIOCAM Time-Lapse

With OKIOCAM Time-Lapse, making awesome time-lapse videos becomes ultra simple. Record the completion of art projects and science experiments and watch them back at super speed! Time-Lapse helps you save bags of time grading students’ work, too! Record your students completing their work and watch it back at double speed to cut your time grading work in half!

OKIOCAM Google Chrome add-ons

Our range of Google Chrome add-ons allow you to optimize your workflow and supercharge your productivity. Enabling seamless integration between Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms and your OKIOCAM, you can insert images taken with your OKIOCAM and images stored in your Google Drive with ease.