A new horizon for Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a phenomenal platform for empowering students’ voices, and front-facing conventional webcams are great for recording students’ faces. However, when students want to take their Flipgrid videos up a notch, they need more flexibility from their cameras. With OKIOCAM, Flipgrid videos are free to take on a near-limitless number of new perspectives!

Time-lapse is way more than just a cool effect

We’ve all seen cool time-lapse videos of plants growing and eggs hatching, but what most people don’t realize is how useful time-lapse is as a tool for teachers. It is exponentially quicker to watch time-lapse videos of students solving mathematical equations, making art projects, or working on hands-on STEM activities than it is to watch them in real-time. This allows teachers to save huge amounts of time while still grading students’ work just as well!

Stop motion videos are endless fun

Creating stop motion videos is equally rewarding as it is challenging, but it’s always sure to be lots of fun. Making awesome stop motion videos has never been easier than with OKIOCAM. Create stop motion masterpieces using props made from scratch, Lego or other toys, or just everyday objects from around the house or in the classroom. OKIOCAM Stop Motion makes creating stop motion videos so simple, kids and adults alike are sure to have a blast!

A better way to teach and learn using Google Meet

Teaching remotely is no easy task. Presenting your teaching materials in such a way that it is engaging for students can be a real challenge, especially when you only have a conventional webcam to work with. With OKIOCAM, it becomes straightforward. You’re free to share physical materials such as books, worksheets, and quizzes, and show how to solve problems just as you would in the classroom.

It’s great for students, too. They don’t need to only be passive participants in online classes, but they can share their work with their teachers and among their peers. This encourages much greater levels of active participation than can be found in a typical online classroom.