We give away. You share.

OKIOLABS believes that sharing is an important element in making use of knowledge and creating value. We know that most teachers pay out of pocket every year for their classrooms. We are always thinking about how to help teachers reduce their individual financial burden without missing out on EdTech resources that make for better, more efficient and more cost-effective teaching. We launched the OKIOSHARE Program to help teachers and students and to give back to the community.

As part of the OKIOSHARE Program, OKIOLABS will host an event every month and give away a number of free OKIOCAMs to teachers! We are interested in fun or creative experiences you have had with your OKIOCAMs. Because when we all see what our fellow educators can do with the OKIOCAM, everyone is inspired! One great teaching idea sparks another, and that’s our goal for OKIOSHARE. Together, let’s share this amazing experience, unleash the creative possibilities of OKIOCAM, and make the digital learning experience more accessible to everyone.

Join our OKIOSHARE Program to get a free OKIOCAM, and

* create a video using your OKIOCAM camera and any one of the OKIOCAM Apps to demonstrate how you or your students can make use of it.

* upload the video to your YouTube channel and provide us with the link for other teachers to get ideas and use in their own classrooms.

* Please note, OKIOSHARE program is only open to the United States of America.