26 Jan 2021

Using Your OKIOCAM With a Tripod

We consistently get lots of positive feedback about OKIOCAM’s innovative design. People love its foldable base, highly adjustable arm, and its overall super-adaptable construction. However, one really useful feature that people often fail to notice is its tripod mount.

OKIOCAM’s often overlooked tripod mount

How to use the tripod mount

It couldn’t be any easier to unattach your OKIOCAM’s camera and attach it to a tripod. The mount supports any tripod with a standard 1/4″-20 mounting thread. Read the steps below to learn how it’s done.

Step 1: After ensuring that your OKIOCAM’s cable is not attached to any of the cable clips, use one hand to get a secure grip on the upper section of your OKIOCAM’s arm and use the other to get a secure grip on the camera.

Step 2: Gently but firmly wiggle the camera from side to side while moving it away from the arm. The camera will detach without too much force.

Step 3:  Screw the camera onto your tripod as you would any other camera.

How OKIOCAM looks when attached to a small table top tripod

Why use a tripod with your OKIOCAM?

Because OKIOCAM’s arm is so flexible, allowing users to position it in many different ways to achieve a near-limitless number of angles, you might be thinking, “why would I want to use a tripod and lose that ability?”. Well, it’s a fair question, but there are definitely more than a few use cases!

Perhaps the most obvious is that by using a tripod, you guarantee that your camera is as stable as possible. While OKIOCAM’s arm is certainly rugged and sturdy, it is not quite as stable as a conventional tripod. This means that it can definitely be a good idea to attach your OKIOCAM to a tripod when making stop motion videos using OKIOCAM Stop Motion. It is essential that the camera doesn’t move from its position when making stop motion animations, and the use of a tripod can greatly decrease the chances of suffering accidental camera movement.

Another reason is that you may only desire to use your OKIOCAM in Selfie mode. Selfie mode is used when you want to record yourself — during online lessons or conference calls, for example. If you will only ever use your OKIOCAM in such a way, while having no use for any of its other modes, it could be a good idea to attach your OKIOCAM’s camera to a tripod to gain additional stability. This is especially useful if you want to always use the same recording angle.

To learn more about all of OKIOCAM’s available modes, visit www.okiolabs.com/okiocam 

The absolute flexibility offered by OKIOCAM makes it nearly impossible to describe all of its potential use cases. People are continuing to find new applications for it every day! If you use your OKIOCAM in an interesting way, we would love to hear from you! You can contact our support team here or reach us on Twitter here.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this article, please submit a support request here.