05 Oct 2021

3 Ways that OKIOCAM Can Help Teachers and Students Create Dynamic Digital Learning Spaces This Year by Jeff Bradbury

Jeff Bradbury explores some of the many benefits of using OKIOCAM in a classroom on his blog, “Teacher Cast”. For some time, document cameras have mostly been limited to teacher use, however, Jeff discusses how both students and teachers can use them in more creative and effective means in order to revolutionize the learning environment. 

  • Discover 3 ways that you can creatively integrate OKIOCAM into your classroom. 
  • Learn about each model of the OKIOCAM and what they have to offer
  • Find out the advantages of providing document cameras to students

Jeff Bradbury is a globally recognized educator who is committed to integrating technology and education. He started the educational network “TeacherCast” as a passion project and it blossomed into so much more. TeacherCast is ranked in the top 50 education websites and has accumulated a worldwide following. Jeff continually strives to marry education and technology to create innovate techniques for optimizing learning.