23 Apr 2021

4 Game-Changing Benefits Your Students Will Get From OKIOCAM

Teachers all across the globe know how difficult it can be to keep at-home students engaged and on track with their studies during remote and hybrid learning. Not having the ability to easily check their work as you would in the classroom makes things exponentially more difficult. How do you know if your students have assimilated a topic fully or if they still need more practice? It’s definitely not an easy problem to solve. Well, it hasn’t been — until now!

Over this long period of remote and hybrid learning, OKIOCAM has proven to be immensely popular with educators across the world as a tool to aid them in their teaching. It’s the perfect product for demonstrating solutions to difficult mathematical problems using a pen and paper, sharing pages of textbooks, showing arts & crafts projects in great detail, and much more. However, quite a few people haven’t realized all the superb benefits available to students when they get their hands on OKIOCAM, too!

Benefit 1: They are infinitely more engaged and their participation hits new heights

With OKIOCAM, remote learners are free to share their work with their teachers and peers during class time, creating an educational environment free from barriers and greatly increasing their engagement. 

Students love to feel involved during lessons, and conventionally this is difficult to achieve during remote learning. With OKIOCAM, it’s easy! Set your students an assignment and watch in real-time as they complete it. Providing immediate feedback on their work is no issue because you can see exactly what they’re doing. Answering any questions they may have is made infinitely easier as a result, as well.

In hybrid learning scenarios, it’s easy for at-home learners to feel invisible. It’s tough to avoid a disparity between the quality of education at-home students and in-person students receive. Without OKIOCAM, it’s tough for at-home students to share their work with their teachers and receive feedback. OKIOCAM enables every student to have an equitable learning experience.

Benefit 2: They can show you what they know using formative assessments

No teacher wants to be left in the dark over whether or not a student has fully grasped a particular concept. What better way to check your students’ understanding than by conducting a formative assessment using OKIOCAM? Ask your remote learners to solve a math problem, write a few sentences to explain a key concept, or draw a simple sketch to demonstrate their understanding of a key idea!

It’s an excellent idea to check your students’ understanding during every stage of their learning. Formative assessments form the backbone of doing exactly this. When every one of your at-home learners has an OKIOCAM, your strategy for conducting formative assessments doesn’t have to change — you can use the same exact methods you would in the classroom!

There are lots of really excellent ways you can use formative assessments to get a real gauge on your students’ understanding. Many proven techniques have been published in the media, but click here to read about 7 of our favorites.

Benefit 3: They receive an enhanced distance learning experience

Students are no longer relegated to being passive participants during remote learning. With OKIOCAM, students become active learners, receiving the same complete education experience they would get in the classroom. As a result, they become far more invested in their education, maintain their focus better during lessons, and stay on track with their learning more effectively. 

Benefit 4: They’re inspired to learn through creativity and video creation

Visual stimulation is a surefire way to grab students’ attention! The number of ways that video can be used in the classroom is truly limitless. Why not assign your students video creation assignments and stop motion projects, enabling them to truly synthesize their learning? 

OKIOCAM is the perfect tool to allow students to explore their creativity and truly get the most out of their learning. With OKIOCAM Stop Motion and OKIOCAM Time-Lapse, our completely free Google Chrome extensions,  there will never be a dull moment in your real or virtual classroom!

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