20 May 2021

5 Math Activities for Students With a Document Camera by The Sassy Math Teacher

In her blog, “The Sassy Math Teacher”, Ms. Asia Hines writes about her top “5 Math Activities for Students With a Document Camera”, and suggests ways to get the most out of your OKIOCAM and your students’ learning experience, participation, and engagement.

  • Discover the benefits of introducing the OKIOCAM into your classroom and online Math lessons, and say goodbye to asking your students to hold their worksheets up to their laptop webcam.
  • Learn 5 new Math lesson activities that you can try with your in-class and remote learning students.
  • Understand how you can integrate OKIOCAM with Flipgrid for an all-round enjoyable and fun learning experience.

Ms. Asia Hines is the owner of the popular blog “The Sassy Math Teacher”, and a 7th-grade math teacher in Northern Virginia. Her blog shares engaging and fun math lessons and activities for teaching middle school math. Ms. Hines earned a Master’s of Arts Degree in Teaching from James Madison University. You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook