23 Jul 2021

Go Athletes! | Olympics Stop Motion Video using OKIOCAM T Plus

After a long wait, Summer Olympics is finally here! Originally slated for last year, the #Tokyo2020 Olympics is officially opening this July 23, 2021. Athletes all over the world will compete in various athletic events for the next two weeks.

In celebration of this great showcase of athleticism and sportsmanship, we have created a short stop motion video featuring various Olympic sports: diving, weightlifting, archery, athletics (track and field), and pole vault.

This video was made possible using the newest OKIOCAM T Plus, together with the OKIOCAM Stop Motion App. The dry erase board is a unique feature of the new OKIOCAM T Plus, which also comes with its own dry erase marker and wiper!

The OKIOCAM T Plus is now available on Amazon for $99.00. Grab yourself the new OKIOCAM T Plus and create your own stop motion video!

This coming Tokyo Olympics, we are all behind our sporting heroes. From OKIOLABS, we wish the best of luck to all our athletes!