24 Feb 2022

OKIOCAM S Review: John Reppion

John Reppion is a renowned published comics writer from the United Kingdom who founded Moore & Reppion alongside his wife, Leah Moore. On their blog, they showcase their work and review a variety of different tech devices. Recently, John took a look at the OKIOCAM S and highlighted some of the things that he likes about our revolutionary document camera! The OKIOCAM is such an incredibly versatile tech tool that can be used by educators, creators, and business professionals!

Some of John’s favorite features include:

  • Portability and ease of use
  • Snapshot and recording capabilities
  • Capturing documents of varying size

The OKIOCAM S is an incredibly powerful, yet really easy to understand, and simple to use piece of kit…I can also see how incredibly useful it could be to so many others – schools, workshops, artists, makers…so many possibilities.”

– John Reppion