17 Jun 2021

OKIOCAM S & T Review by MathMathX

In his latest Youtube video, mathematics teacher Mehmet Said Topkaya of MathMathX, reviews the OKIOCAM S alongside the OKIOCAM T model and showcases each of the document camera’s functions, explaining the fundamental differences between the two whilst giving his honest opinions.

  1. Understand the physical differences between the OKIOCAM Student and OKIOCAM Teacher models, and which one is right for you.
  2. Discover the flexibility of the OKIOCAM cameras and how each one can be set up to meet your preference.
  3. See for yourself the difference in specifications of each camera and range of scope and document size.

Mehmet Said Topkaya is a full-time high school Mathematics Teacher, part-time YouTube influencer, and Educational Technology Advisor based in Canada.

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