22 Feb 2023

OKIOCAM W1 – Teaching with AI

Press Release Feb 22, 2023

OKIOCAM W1 – Teaching with AI-technology.
Using the OKIOPoint included in the box, download the OKIOCAM Live Software, and have the document camera zoom and follow wherever you point!

OKIOLABS is proud to announce the release of its new document camera, the OKIOCAM W1, the company’s first document camera tailor-made for use by teachers in the classroom on PRWEB. Every OKIOCAM W1 comes with an OKIOPoint — a virtual pointer that, when used with the company’s free OKIOCAM Live application, enables the document camera to leverage AI-tracking technology to smartly zoom and follow where teachers point.

OKIOPoint facilitates the delivery of engaging presentations because whatever it’s pointing at will be enlarged on the screen, allowing students to focus on what’s important. OKIOPoint makes a teacher’s job much easier in a variety of classroom situations, including when presenting lesson materials, during read-aloud sessions, and when working through solutions to problems.
When used with OKIOPoint and OKIOCAM Live, other than the default Zoom and Follow presentation mode, in which no visual effects are added to the image, the W1 can use four additional presentation modes: Spotlight, Fluorescent Marker, Highlight, and Underline. All four extra presentation modes add their own unique effect to the W1’s image, and teachers can choose the best one depending on the specific situation.

The W1 houses a top-of-the-line, 13-megapixel Sony STARVIS sensor. The sensor delivers vivid, natural colors in true 4K resolution, ensuring that all classroom presentations are clear and engaging. Additionally, the sensor supports OKIOLABS’ Lossless Sensor Zoom technology, which is also supported by many of the company’s other document cameras and webcams.

Other notable features of the W1 that make it stand out from the competition include its large size, built-in LED ring light, and superior build quality and components. The W1 is taller than most other document cameras on the market at 15 inches, giving it a maximum capture area of 19 x 13.7 inches — easily enough to capture ledger and A3-size worksheets. Its powerful, built-in LED ring light ensures presentations go without a hitch even in low-light situations. Additionally, the W1’s high-quality components, including its aluminum alloy stand and metal-weighted base guarantee that it’s more than up for the challenge of daily classroom use.

The OKIOCAM W1 is available for purchase on Amazon at $199, or contact us if you are interested in demoing the camera at your educational institution.