10 Feb 2022

Pairing OKIOCAM with Flipgrid

Stacey Roshan shows us how to use OKIOCAM in conjunction with Flipgrid to boost student engagement and knowledge! OKIOCAM is an incredibly versatile ed tech tool that elevates your classroom instruction. It works seamlessly with Flipgrid to give your students the freedom to learn and express themselves!

  • OKIOCAM is compact, versatile, and highly adjustable to fit your desired need.
  • OKIOCAM can be used with Flipgrid to demonstrate student understanding.

Stacey Roshan is a renowned EdTech specialist who is passionate about integrating technology in a compassionate way so that each student has the opportunity to learn and express their ideas in a comfortable and safe environment. She is a math teacher, technology director, consultant, speaker, and published author of Tech with Heart. Be sure to check out her website where she offers mini-courses, videos and tutorials, and tech recommendations. Be sure to follow her on Youtube, and Twitter!